How I DID Decorate for Hanukkah

So, after my attempt to get inspiration on the internet, I decided to see what I could put into motion at home. Funnily enough, a lot of the inspiration out there was for a Hanukkah table setting… but I wasn’t really going to do a Hanukkah dinner, so it wasn’t very relevant. Instead, I tried to lean into the whole ‘Festival of Lights’ concept.

Festival of Twinkle Lights, that is. I love twinkle lights. They seem so happy and sparkly and magical. In a dark and scary world, twinkle lights are essential. They are also, apparently, the kittens’ favorite new toy and they tried to eat them and rip them down as soon as they were put up, which added an extra fun challenge to the decorating process. The menorah is hard to see in the photo, but it’s got different numbers of candle holes on each side, so you turn it each night for the number of candles you need.

Over the table I hung star lanterns with ceiling Command hooks (I only recently discovered they existed). I think I like them so much I want to make them permanent! Or maybe find some more fun things to hang over the table. Next year I’ll get six pointed star ornaments for the windows, but you can’t have everything.

I hung little LED lights inside the stars which you can see when it’s all dark. There is definitely a magical air to it, which I think is what makes a holiday seem special. And when it’s dark so much of the day, you need as many extra lights as you can get!

They’re so pretty will all the lights off! I also had gelt and dreidels, but I forgot to take a picture.(Being an amateur blogger means forgetting things and being so much more impressed by professionals). What do you think? What else would you add?

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