How Do I Decorate for Hanukkah? No, Seriously, I’m Asking

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s the holiday season. And by ‘holiday,’ I mean Christmas. Now, I don’t hate Christmas: it seems like a real nice holiday for some people. But it’s not my holiday. However, I can’t help but want to do something to be festive in this, the darkest part of the year!

My Domaine

So, I have Hanukkah. Or Chanukah. Or Hannukah. (Is it just me or was the double ‘n’ popular when we were kids and now it’s all about the double ‘k’?) But given that it’s not really an important religious holiday, the traditions of Hanukkah seem hard to turn into a decorating scheme of any kind, unless you just put menorahs and dreidels everywhere. And I would prefer a festive vibe that didn’t quite say “children’s party.” Somehow, everything that is winter specific (especially evergreens) which should be pretty non-denominational just can’t stop seeming Christmassy. So, what’s a Jew to do?

Real Simple

My number one idea was that maybe other people had struggled with this before! So I googled around for ideas. I did find a few! But not quite as many as I hoped for, really. I still seek Jewish interior designers with great Hanukkah (or at least non-Christmas) decorating ideas. I feel like everywhere I turn I am introduced to holiday decor that is Christmas-only.


These are a few of the images, ideas or products that I liked and moved beyond dreidel/menorah themed items. Dreidels and menorahs themselves can be lovely though!

Above is a DIY Menorah, which I think looks organic and interesting and yet perhaps a little rustic for New York City?


This table set is lovely, especially the mixed plates and linens. The stars of david are clever and delicate and I love all the greenery.

Fig Tree & Vine

I like the mid-century feeling to this set up– it feels genuine to the home its in, which is something I’m always looking for. You I want the decor to feel like the house is dressing up for a party, not putting on a crazy costume (except… maybe on Halloween).

Real Simple

This is rather a classic blue and white combination, but I like the combination of runner and tablecloth with the modern menorah.

Avenue Lifestyle – This is apparently a ‘Christmas Star’ DIY

This DIY above I really want to try (despite it being labeled a ‘Christmas Star’ (!)). I just need to get my hands on some twigs! Should I go to Central Park?

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