Entryway: Before + After

The entryway is both a particularly fun and particularly difficult part of the apartment to decorate. In our case, the difficulty lies in the fact that it’s quite small and narrow, to the point that it was almost impossible to find any console tables that were both narrow and shallow enough to fit into it. The fun part is, it’s blank slate and the practical need of ‘somewhere to hang coats’ is mostly filled so there is plenty of room for design fun. Isn’t the ‘before’ image just bursting with potential?


Look at that beautiful blank space, just yearning for wallpaper! It was hard to choose which temporary wallpaper to choose because it’s such a small section of wall, there are so many possibilities. Mirror + hall table + wallpaper + rug was the formula I planned for, but it took me a long time for me to settle on which ones.

The wallpaper is from SurfaceView (just like in the living/dining room) and I thought it seemed light and welcoming while also coordinating with the green velvet sectional around the corner. Honestly, I bought the West Elm bookcase without realizing that it would visually be a part of the entry, so the fact that I tried to design the entryway to coordinate with the living room made it work… by accident. The convex mirror and the cotton runner are from Zara Home and the faux orchid is the same one I had in the living room that I moved here so that the kittens couldn’t play with it (spoilers: they still play with it).

The table is the most important piece in this space and was extremely difficult to find and decide on. I wanted a table that was narrow and shallow (less than 35″ wide, less than 11″ deep), a shockingly difficult combination to find. After tons of research, I fell in love with this table on Etsy by Mokuzai Furniture, who handcraft furniture in Virginia. It’s made of curly maple, just like our coffee table, and the grain is so gorgeous. It was an expensive, custom piece, but I love it so much, it will always have a place to go.

What do you think? I’m still debating adding an umbrella stand, but I haven’t found the right one yet.

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