Designing a Fantasy Living Room (or, My Rococo Sofa Obsession)

We only just moved into our apartment a few months ago and we mostly have all of our furniture (hooray!). Now I have a major problem though: I’m happy with what we already have, but still have pages and pages of pieces of furniture that caught my eye but made no sense practically (because of expense/size/style or all of the above). My latent interior decorating interest is now a full-blown hobby.

For example, take this gorgeous sofa from Chairish:

18th Century French Rococo Painted Sofa – $6,800

I’m a wee bit obsessed with it? I love how curvy and sculptural it is and the white paint and natural linen combination showcases the intricately carved wood without going TOO rococo. It’s just grandiose enough to hint at the absurd without being the only thing one could look at in a room.

I just had to get the sofa out of my system, so I decided to play around with designing a room around it. The nice thing about designing a completely fantasy room is that there are no bothersome size constraints or budgets or normal real world considerations. I guess this is basically what my love of decorating dollhouses has evolved to.

Of course, once I made one, I had to do 2 more, just to make sure all my different ideas were exhausted.

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This room is all about neo-traditional opulence with a taste for Asian art. The Japanese screen from 1stdibs is so gorgeous, it might even take away from my lovely sofa a bit. And I am in love with those red tea tables, they are so pretty.

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This is all about the cloudlike quality of the sofa and I added the two Anthropologie chairs to up the comfort factor (I mean, clearly the sofa is beautiful to look at, not so delicious for lounging). And I thought this was a perfect time to throw in the bentwood Kino Guerin bench as coffee table, because, well, why not add another fantastical element?

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This is the ‘my New York loft is cooler than you’ room. Exposed ductwork would make the juxtaposition just that much more excellent and counter some of the ‘frou-frou’ nature of the couch. I would be open to changing the chairs out to something more black and sculptural, I just found the cowhide ones were so very retro.

Which is your favorite?

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